Friday, January 9, 2009

We're not all Doctors & Engineers

I've perfected Butter Chicken curry as of last night. the only thing left to do is a side by side taste test of my curry vs "restaurant" curry. but really, if you have restaurant curry around, why would you make your own? one day though i will because hopefully one day i will take my cooking seriously.

-like my parents do-

its amazing: its stereotyped that so many ABCDs are "forced" to become doctors, engineers, businessmen, lawyers, nurses... but i have to disagree. are we actually forced by our parents or by our community to become these things? or do we really choose to do it ourselves? are we just looking for job security-something when we were young, we believed was the only concern of our parents?

i think there are a few things that lead us in these directions.

growing up, i don't think we are well aware of all the opportunities in this world. most of the time, our parents only talk about the selected few approved careers. how would we know about anything else?

secondly, my parents never made me work as a teenager--or "allowed" me to work. so i wasn't even given the opportunity to learn that fast food places have huge advertising/marketing agencies, that IT fields had free lance writers to write their manuals, or health fields had huge administrations that care about the patients just as much as the doctors do.

my parents were neither doctors, engineers, nurses, or even gas station owners. they worked side by side with real American people-white people. even trailer trash sometimes (no offense, but many Indian's don't come in contact with those kinda people). they worked hard and had overtime hours.

But now my parents really believe in me, while learning to believe in themselves. they know you can succeed in America as long as you have a dream. Last night my dad was like what the heck are you doing working in health care, business, admin: go write a cookbook. go work with Rachael ray. teach people. encourage people. do something you are good at.

it makes me laugh actually. he's always encouraged this. first it was journalism, then my graphic design, now my cooking. he's always disagreed with my choice in health care. but i'm scared. what if i dont make it in the world of martha stewart, food network, and so many aspiring talent. where will i live? what will i eat? will i have money to go shopping? :) dont get me wrong-i truly care for health care, but my dad thinks my talent is definitely somewhere else.

so one day i will take my cooking seriously. hopefully when i move to the big city i can pursue it a little more. that's when i will do the side by side taste test. you'll have to wait till then for the recipe.

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