Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Scales of a Fish

Pisces and Libra Pisces and Libra is one of those strange but beautiful combinations, usually brought together by fate, rather than by conscious choice. Pisces, rule by fortunate Jupiter and imaginative Neptune, naturally loves to be of service to Libra, and in turn Libra loves to share creative resources with the appreciative Fish. If your Libran lover resists the temptation to take advantage of you and you learn to trust and respect the airy Scales, you can build a human bridge between the planet of love, Venus, and her higher octave, Neptune. Libra, the Scales, is a Cardinal Sign and Pisces, the Fishes, is a Mutable Sign. This places Libra in a natural position of leadership with the happy-to-follow-along Fish. Yet Pisces is in a hidden position of power with Libra, as Libra can be easily knocked out of balance by your subtle moods and manipulations. People often underestimate the strength of the seemingly fragile and submissive Fish, but you have more strength than any of us can dream of. When the Fish is good, it is very, very good... but when feeling insecure or unloved, that energy can be unintentionally used in destructive ways. Because Libra is an Air Sign and Pisces is a Water Sign, they can create a healthy, healing mist. When they are out of balance, they can create destructive storms between them. If Libra is feeling insecure, he or she can become very detached and standoffish, which only serves to drive the supersensitive Fish away. Your insecurities can sometimes become clinging and emotionally demanding, which cool, collected Libra finds distasteful. When you each learn to let your shared love of peace and balance be the guiding force, you can create soothing environments that friends and family members will delight in. This combination works best when you have a joint goal or purpose to work towards. You can, for example, work together as a team in the arts and cosmetic-related services, as you are capable of creating great beauty and harmony. It is unusual to find Pisces and Libra as long term committed romantic partners, but when other planetary placements and aspects are in harmony, you can be very successful in love and marriage.

hmmm... astrology is amazing, sometimes i wonder how i can be a Christian when i see such perfect/accurate evaluations like this.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm long overdue for a new recipe. I haven't been cooking very much, so you haven't been missing out. I've just been so busy with school lately. Last week was awful, I ate all junk food. I didn't have time to prepare foods, so ended up eating out a lot. Isn't this the problem with all of America?

Anyhow, this Sunday I went to the grocery store and like every health conscious person bought chicken and a bag of salad. Firstly, I still am on the fence about if rich people are more likely than poor people to get fat. For example, I went to the store wanting to buy chicken breast-lean, white meat, very good for the body. BUT it was freakin' $3.99 a lb! I couldn't afford that, so i went with the bone in stuff and I had to cut it at home, and we are using the bones for Indian food. I don't know what american people would do with it--Chicken soup? anyhow, chicken and salad is boring.
i hate it.
but i loveee chicken and salad at restaurants. WHY???
my biggest craving is Chipotle salads, luckily they cost a fortune also, so I stay away from it.

So today I tried a new type of salad with my bag of romaine and baked chicken.

1. Bake chicken with whatever spices you have. I tried this the other day, and my recipe did not work well, so I will not post it. It was pretty much disguisting.
2. using olive oil, saute some red onion.
3. once onions are starting to get brown, throw in some mixed frozen veggies ( i am having such a hard time eating veggies lately, but I ate the whole bag of veggies in 3 days; the more healthy i am trying to eat... the more indian food i'm eating. its healthy, very flavorful, and its always there since my mom cooks it constantly.)
4. cut up chicken breast and saute with veggies
5. spread on top of salad
6. Salad Dressing, i've been craving Honey Mustard but didn't have any at home. I made a bottom of the jar recipe though! I had some Dabur Honey wayyy at the bottom of the jar. First, I heated the honey in the jar, take the lid off-its metal!! I put about 2 tablespoons rice vinegar and two squirts of spicy deli mustard. SKAKE SKAKE SHAKE. YUMMY.

It turned out really good, very asiany with the dressing.

I still want to try to make a tex mex salad, since that is my absolute favorite. the thing about restaurant salads is the different levels it has. crunch, spice, sweet, soft, hard, etc. i didn't have that many ingredients. but this is one step closer to a good home salad.
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