Saturday, January 17, 2009

9:365 Baby Love

I thought this was cute! This kid is crazy funny and speaks malayalam like crazy. i wish i could get some tutoring services from him. nothing too exciting happened to me... weird.. nothing to write about. i sat in on a women's Bible study a few years ago, where all the moms' only concern were their children, and the kids' futures... and even their grandchildren. i thought it was the lamest thing ever. how can people be so self-less? how can all your concerns be focused on these little rascals that suck energy, time and effort out of you. they don't even listen to you. they don't ever appreciate you. but they are so so cute. and whenever i see a baby or a kiddo, i just want my own! lame lame. i find myself thinking about my kids.. and things i need to tell them about the world.. and my grandkids.. and how i want them to be successful. only a few years have passed and i've fallen in the trap too...

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