Monday, January 12, 2009


God's really up there and laughs at us sometimes

HA! I guess i spoke too soon about the gorgeous weather! i work to 1 hour of crazy snow in northern denver (but of course, followed by bright sunshine for the rest of the day). today is one of my last days before school starts so i did ... nothing! i ate some yummy waffles though (picture two, whipped cream and berries). don't you hate it when you only have one or two ingredients for a dish and never all of the items together? when you have milk, there is no cookies. when you have beans and cheese, there are no tortillas. i finally had waffles, berries, and whipped cream for this delicious favorite.

just a few notes...i did spend time "Sprucing" up the blog a little. please try to visit the links and blogs i'm following when you get a chance. there is a link for the 365 day project also, which will be awesome once i have more pictures in the series.

i'm reading a book called Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh. very interesting and different from my usual Indian fiction. First of all its non fiction. Sudhir gets involved in poor black communities when researching for a graduate school sociology class. so far its interesting, will update when i am done.

also i watched Superstars of Dance, it's a creative show. Both entertaining and educational. I havent caught a performance by India yet, but i really like South Africa! I was disappointed by USA's representatives: all of our dances are "street" hip hop type. We should have picked something more American: Native American dancing, square dancing, tap dance?

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