Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day Two of MBFIW

Day Two of MBFIW-- Today was THE shopping day that every India girl dreams of where she picks everything in reds and golds that attracts the most attention to herself. I already had a similar day in America picking out my wedding dress, but I've always imagined myself wearing a saree with tons of gold. Unfortunately the fashion for Catholic weddings in Kerala is a wedding gown and the price of gold is out the roof. But in Indian weddings we get to change! So I got a red saree with a lot of gold work for the reception. I bought a diamond necklace and gold jewelry but I can't believe how much this costs! I could buy a decent car with this much money. Buying these three things took the whole day, and traveling 85 kms takes 3 hours here so we just got home a few hours ago.

There were still some disappointments, I didn't receive the bridesmaids' sarees yet, my mom didn't really like her choice for her own saree. And with these gold prices I didn't get all new stuff, I'm wearing some of my old pieces as well.

On the other hand my dad and sis are coming soon and C is coming tomorrow. I don't know when I get to see him but my stomach has butterflies and I'm so excited to start my life with him. Plus I think he's so hot.

A little info for the foodie in me: I had biryani today from a muslim restaurant--pretty good but I think American places have better biryani. Also had sardines which sounds awful in english but it is one of the best foods in Kerala. I'm still waiting for my puffs which hopefully I'll get tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day one of My-Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding

INDIA--Day one of My-Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding. Just got off the plane this morning and India is always an eye opener to me. The life here is so opposite of life in America. For one, everyone thinks its such a hassle to travel in the US but Indian airports are just so different. Its crowded and small, loud and inefficient. We landed two hours before we could get out of the airport. Who has two hours to waste in America. The people are so loud, it even started as we boarded a plane to Kuwait from NY. The gate was getting so noisy. And the people were so pushy.

Its Christmas time in Kerala so the houses are covered in stars and decorations. People get up early in the morning and leisurely take time to read the newspaper and have homemade breakfasts. They drive very expertly here to the point where my heart skips a beat due to fear. And its hot here, even in December. and humid.

So far I've eaten, showered and slept. I'm staying at my uncle's house and our house is empty but being cleaned for this hungama of a wedding. I'm the first one here and waiting for all my relatives to still come in so a little bored at this point. At least I have internet this time which is such a luxury and something I never thought would happen in Kerala.

Tomorrow starts our shopping for the wedding, so excited but I hope I have enough energy and tolerance for the heat to get through these few weeks.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

its raining cats and dogs

having a hard time focusing after 3 very productive days. if only i can keep it going and finish proud! everything has finally hit me. im feeling super emotional, nervous, sad, happy, scared. i can't believe these are my last few days in colorado... my home. everything that i am is because of this place and the people here. im getting emotional about stupid things too... like i can't eat my favorite foods anymore, i can't watch the shows i want on my own schedule etc. i didn't think it would be so hard adding someone into your life.

the relationship i've had is purely of convenience. we don't really bother each other, and the distance allows for a lot of individuality. Now that i have to combine two lives, i'm scared that i will lose mine in it.

i also can't believe these are my last few days of school. i actually have to be an adult now. and find. a. job. ew. i have to actually work, and make money, and pay off loans, and finance, and buy cars and things. i have to work actual hours and not just part time. and after all of that i have to be a wife.

i can't just leave the dishes for my parents to do. i can't just eat whenever i want. i gotta do family stuff.

ah. and i'm going to india. i need to pack, i need to clean up my life from here. and move.
MOVE. via India. why did i think this was a good idea.

i'm nervous about the wedding. what if it turns out ugly, what if i look awful in india with the rain and humidity. what if i gain weight and don't fit in the dress.

oh but i've been waiting so long. 5 yrs? 6? to be with this person. to move and join him and begin. we didn't like the distance remember?

our dreams are coming true. we've waited so long and here it is.