Friday, January 16, 2009


.... i'm a little hesitant to start this post. yes its about exercising. its about weight. its about... as oprah says... "falling off the wagon" (i had to throw that in there! its the phrase for 2009?)

but don't worry, its not a depressive post. I've actually been doing really good. Unknown to you I even have a blog just for my weight issues.

So yesterday I went to an actual facility to workout today. Usually I just run at home, so i was feeling very intimidated to go somewhere to do it. I am so overwhelmed by exercising somewhere where other people can see me... and judge me. So it is one of the fears I need to get over this year. Oprah calls this the "clean-before-the-maid-comes-and-judges-you" phenomenon. I want to work out at home and start looking good before I run around that lake in front of the whole neighborhood.

Anyhow the workout didn't go that great, I left the house too late, I spent most of my time getting used to the machines and I had already made plans right afterwards. Anyhow I think i will go back, at least once a week or so.

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