Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Can Hear How You Feel

i wanted to document a very exciting moment today. we called india yesterday because a very distant relative's daughter got married. It was the most exciting sound ever-almost like movie weddings. there was so much going on in the background. people were so happy. the phone was passed to atleast 5 people, some we know, some we didn't, telling us how amazing everything was, how happy they are, how they felt blessed, how thankful they were to God.

i know in a couple days when i read back on this post i won't remember the sound exactly. but i think i crave that excitement of a wedding. i crave the happiness and assurance-everyone is certain that this is the right thing, at the right moment.

i dunno if i'll ever have that. not with the way things are going these days. everything is so awkward, it will probably be the most silent occurance ever. and that's not how i've imagined it. i wanted to be the bride who genuinely smiles in her wedding pictures.

yesterday-the aunt was excited, the grandpa was excited, the mom was happy in a sentimental way, the dad was grateful. the groom was ecstatic, his father was proud. even the girl. even she was happy.

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