Saturday, January 10, 2009


SECOND ONE! i made it...

today i went to lunch with my old high school friends. WOW. everyone has become amazing adults. and wives. and husbands. and managers. and teachers. even home owners. where did the time go from us being over dramatic about prom dates to being 23 yr old adults? i love meeting up with these old friends cuz its not like my other friends. with these ones, we just pick up conversation exactly where we left on graduation day. we spend obnoxious amount of time at restaurants taking over 4-5 tables just talking about what we are doing, remininscing, and dreaming of our futures. this group is our safe zone-we can be who we are however we want to be with this group.
So these are the boys (i wish i had time to upload an old picture of them) i didn't get a picture of the others: left-->right
C-i went to elementary school, middle school, and high school with this guy!! we don't keep in touch that much, but he cracks me up and we always have that elementary/Northglenn/Fundamental Program (yea i was a nerd even in elementary school) connection.
R-grandpa: i met him in middle school in health class and throughout IB we have become really good friends. I have so many memories of hanging out and doing random things during the summers with R. and my mom and dad really like him so i was allowed to hang out with him whenever.
T-he cracks me up like crazy!!! i love it, and i miss him, and want to keep in touch with him much better. he has become so handsome. you've come a long way.
B-one of the best guys i know. again another middleschooler to high school friend to college friend. i'm glad we've kept in touch and have so many memories of doing projects and presentations with him! congrats on your amazing job!!
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