Friday, January 9, 2009


This is my first picture of the year post. SHOES! my sister and i went to payless today and got some great deals. i remember my mom used to take us shopping to kmart or target and drag us to the purse shoe section and look at accessories for what seemed like an hour or two. now my sister and i cannot go a week without buying a new pair of shoes, a new purse, new earrings, new scarf--SOMETHING!

funny how we're all turning into our moms slowly huh?
From left-up-right-down:
1.) black short boots with rounded toes-my sisters pair-today i found out that she has an abnormally large left foot
2.) brown boots-mine-this is the shoe that started the fiasco at payless...they are sooo comfy
3.) black sandals-mine/my mom's-perfect for spring/summer with my work clothes... and only $8
4.) loafers!-mine-my joint pain kills, so i needed a good sturdy closed toe shoe for work/school/riding the bus. im such a grandma
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