Wednesday, January 14, 2009

6:365 Wedding Bells

I dunno if these folks care that they are on my blog or not... but they are still in india so i cant ask! this is my cousin and her new husband-a picture from their reception in india. congrats to them! they are starting the domino effect of weddings in my immediate family. i'm gonna miss her so much cuz she is moving! but as much as i love her-im so tired of people telling me i'm next! i know already. u don't have to remind me. i know i'm moving. i know my wedding will be in india without my closest friends and family. BLAH.
i'm getting more and more nervous about this whole wedding extravaganza. everyone has so much advice and suggestions but... nothing is even planned yet. so stop telling me cuz when everything really starts happening i'm not gonna remember.
the only good advice i've gotten so far is: bring pillsbury frosting for the wedding cake cuz indian frosting is gross. (my sis is smart sometimes)

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