Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I had made this wordle this weekend as a cover photo for my 365 album. this morning i stumbled over an article regarding wordles-and inaugurations! Someone took the words from yesterday's speech and made it into wordles and compared obama's wordle with bush, clinton, lincoln. kinda interesting, but not very accurate. wordle lets you shuffle around the word and each time u shuffle different words are emphasized. so this comparison is a complete fabrication, but interesting still. plus it gave me a chance to show off my wordle. strangely, i have quite a few similar words as obama's cloud.

i've started school again and so it is harder to stay up and post. i've been exhausted lately. however, it does give me a chance to see cooler things, since downtown is full of interesting people places and things.

i have an evaluation at work tomorrow. so i'm slightly nervous about that! so glad the week is almost over.

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