Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, Old Me.

Tomorrow I'm going to an interview. This is one of many interviews I've gone to in the last month. Really hoping that something works out . I'm crossing my fingers! The organization I am interviewing with tomorrow is an ideal place to work. It fits really well into my life goals. The services they provide is basically what I have done in the past, what I want to expand myself into with my new education, and why I decided to do an MBA in health care...all on a large scale. Hopefully this goes well.

While preparing for the interview, I came across an old document on my laptop. It was the essay I wrote for my application into the MBA program. It's a reminder of who I was and what my aspirations were. I had to answer the typical "what will you do in five years" question and though I'm not there yet, I want to make my old self proud of what I'm doing just a few years after writing that essay. The hardest part of job hunting is staying hopeful and believing that an opportunity is out there for you. Sometimes you just want to settle for anything. Reading this essay, I want to be just as confident as I was back then and stay true to my values and interests.

I know 40 years from now I will look back on my life and reflect on my professional career. I hope I look back at it with pride and have had the opportunity to learn a lot and help as many people as possible. I am anxiously waiting to start that career path. I just hope my chance is getting closer!


1. How will the MBA/MS degree enhance your career plans? Project the kinds of positions you anticipate having five years after earning the degree. What experiences have you had that form the foundation of your goals?

The Health Administration MBA degree will enhance my career plans by giving me the opportunity to learn how to manage and lead a group of people to provide the best healthcare to our society.

Although earning a bachelor’s degree is a great success, the decisions that followed it forced me to continue the process of molding myself. Fortunately, I had the chance to work in a family healthcare facility, which introduced many doors of opportunities in healthcare. This job confirmed my interest in healthcare, but it also gave me the interest in the business aspect of it. The work done by the office manager, electronic medical record trainers, and drug companies were intriguing positions that I had never noticed. The more interest I took in these positions led me to the decision of joining the MBA program emphasizing health administration.

Five years after obtaining this degree I hope to in incorporate my previous education and become a program director for a rehabilitation or physical therapy center. Furthermore, I dream of expanding my career by working for a corporate health company or pharmaceutical drug company by providing exceptional business management.

2. Give a candid appraisal of yourself. Include some discussion of your strengths and weaknesses.

I am a strong-willed, passionate, dedicated, determined woman. My interests range from arts and culture to technology and modern science. I am a quick learner, punctual, enthusiastic worker with a very helping nature. One of my most important strengths is my wide array of skills. Because of this quality I am always ready to confidently take on many tasks. However, this is also one of my weaknesses. I would like to improve my method of finding a balance so that I can focus on completing just a few tasks more thoroughly.

Another one of my best strengths is my passion to work with others. This is one of the reasons I am very interested in being a part of healthcare because compassion for others is a necessary skill in all areas of medicine. I have often been praised for my kindness, helpfulness, and understanding. I enjoy working in teams and do not hesitate to lead any size group.

Although I am proud of my strengths and improving my weaknesses, I have decided to enroll in an MBA program because I believe there is always room for improvement. Through this program I wish to develop myself professionally and academically while establishing a career.

3. Discuss three of your achievements or accomplishments.

I recognized one of my greatest accomplishments as I stood on the field at Folsom stadium during my college graduation: I had completed a Bachelor’s degree in just three years. As I found my parents in the crowd, I knew I had made them proud, and I knew I finally achieved the dream of all dreams for family. I am very proud to be an alumnus of the University of Colorado with a physiology bachelor’s degree and to be one of the first to receive a college education in my family.

Furthermore, a recent accomplishment of mine is the renovation of a small enterprise that my family has decided to buy. Though we had to commit much time and effort into this project, I am honored to be a part of reviving this business.

One of the earliest accomplishments I can remember is tackling the liturgy of the Indian Orthodox mass by converting the sounds of the native language to English script. Putting it together with various tunes is one of my best skills. I still hold that pride as I lead in the church choir and encourage the younger generation to learn and hold onto our unique culture.

4. Describe your level of commitment to education and the ways in which you might make a special contribution to the learning experience of others.

I am at a stage in my life where I can thoroughly commit myself to my education. This is the reason I have decided to apply for a master’s degree only a year after completing my bachelor’s degree. Often new graduates are distracted by the demands of life which gear them away from returning to school. Since I will be entering into this program early in my life and right after receiving my bachelor’s degree I am able to continue focusing on my education and building a professional career without any other obligations. I hope to make a special contribution to the learning experience of others by being an example of a dedicated student with the desire of achieving the most out of an education. I recognize the importance in obtaining the best education based on one’s interests, and I hope my focus and passion to complete a master’s degree in business management will encourage others to similarly commit themselves to succeed in a master’s program.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011!

A belated happy new year to my post and also my blog birthday. I'm not as up to date as other bloggers are with wishing my readers a happy Christmas or new year or wishing my blog a happy birthday. I just do it whenever I have time. I know this would drive me crazy as a reader who keeps about 20 blogs in my google reader, but i'm not quite sure that I have a fan base yet :) so I can still do it my way.

The last few days I've been reflecting on my 2010. It has been the most interesting year of my life. I could say one of the best years of my life....but at the same time one of the worse, hardest, most lesson learning years. 2010 had a lot to top because my 2009 was AMAZING. not only did I graduate, have a great job, got engaged, I was looking forward to getting married and a huge move. 2010 was more like a huge piece of humble pie for me. God stripped me of everything I had...a car...a and gave me everything that I wanted while I had it good....a husband...a new family...wifely chores...losing weight! It really drove down the reality of appreciating what you have at that moment because the next moment can definitely change your whole life. And the grass is always greener on the other side.

In 2009 I was very spoiled...all the money I made was spent mostly on shopping, food, selfish things other than paying for my car. 2010, I learned how to live off of another person's money (this time not my dad) and really budget and plan and not take advantage of it. I am truly lucky that money is not a huge issue for us.

2010 also taught me how hard a life as an immigrant is. In the US we always have controversies on how to treat immigrants (and then there are the illegal ones!) but often times they are looked down upon. I've done this myself, to other family members, and now that I am on the short end of the stick I have really been challenged. It is really hard getting immigration papers, working with the government on things, fitting into a new community, finding a job, learning new places. So i regret how I treated others....and feel very very sorry for treating them so badly. I also understand why my parents and other family still have such a strong feeling toward India after living in the US for so long. It's has to say goodbye to the place you are from.

I also learned how to be a wife, to live with a husband. I have a wonderful husband that doesn't bother me at all. We probably had about 4 fights that lasted a few hours in the past year. I am soo lucky to have a sensible, practical husband that really loves me and to be in a relationship that games are not necessary. I truly believe we are each others' best friends and our relationship has been quite easy because of that.

I know 2011 is a year of more change...but change that will help me settle down. I need to find a job for sure. I need to find my purpose in Canada. At the same time, I want to find more friends. I want to understand Canadians more. I need to slowly let go of the US if I want to fit in in Canada. I want to find more of a routine. 2010 brought a lot of changes in my dietary habits and weight loss but I hope I can reach my ideal goal in 2011. There is so much to do. I want to stay motivated, positive, and loving.