Thursday, January 22, 2009


found this picture online, by a very skilled artist named Waswo x waswo. what a creative name and a beautiful picture. this was my favorite one out of the collection. i love how the guy is so "cool" and the girl is so traditional. and i think the overbearing bag just totally brings the whole going to the market, riding on the scooter look that u see quite often in india together. im surprised he didn't include a couple of babies in between the two adults.

writing intelligent entries is getting very tough as i get home later and later in the evening and as i run out of energy throughout the week.

Thursday is a rough day for me. very longg hard class after a long day at work. staying in downtown for so long really sets u in a different mindset. i usually catch the 10:30 bus, which means i walk through downtown to the station and pass many stores, restaurants, bars... and clubs. Downtown folks take "thirsty thursdays" seriously. It is so hard for me to walk by people who are having so much fun, while i'm dragging myself home. People are going to shows, eating dinner, have dates, dancing, and drinking. The streets smell sooo good, like beer and smoke and vodka.

A coworker and i decided that if we didnt have jobs and responsibilities to attend to the next day, we would definately become alcoholics. If i didn't have such strict parents, if i didnt live at home, if i could throw down money for hotel rooms, or if i had enough friends to just crash on a couch--i would probably take a couple shots on my way to the bus.

i am so jealous of the people on the streets on weeknights. today the weather encouraged people to swarm the downtown streets. i was tempted by clubs I've gone to with friends, by bars that are perfect for happy hours. bouncers invitingly try to get you into their hot spot every night. unfortunately, i get the feeling that backpacks and textbooks are not allowed...

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