Thursday, August 18, 2011


August 18! Where do the weeks go?? How does life go by so quickly. I now understand why people say our lives pass by so quickly that one day you'll wake up and realize you've turned 50. It's not just days that pass quickly, but WEEKS. One week, two weeks, and its already the end of summer.

I need a vacation bad. Everyone else seems to be going on fabulous trips. How do they afford it?? Unfortunately, I can't take a vacation day for another 10 months. But all I dream about is going somewhere.

When I was little, all my parents would talk about was going back "home." I've talk about this... this sense of home. For vacations our biggest trips would always We'd save so much money and blow it all on tickets around the world. Every time. My friends always went to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico. Us? We went to India... and not the beachy vacation type... it was India: Visit every old relative you have type. I envied my friends and craved an amazing beach vacation. I still would love to go somewhere resort like. But now, I have an urge to go "home." Often times I think, if we just had an extra $1000 we could go see my parents, my friends, my church, my home. Just an extra few bucks. Going to India with two kids costs $10,000 -- how did my parents do it? Why didn't I know the value of it? To them, and to me too now, you can't put a price on going home. C and I imagine elaborate vacations to the most unique places. We can't afford it right now. And as soon as we do have a little bit of money, I know the first trip we plan will be back home. Is that how it will be from now on? All my trips will be back home? I'll drag my kids to the US? Make them meet all my aunties and uncles and cousins?

Sigh.. I'm turning into my parents.. and that, folks, is a whole new post in itself.