Thursday, January 15, 2009

7:365 Yearbook Days

yearbook days

I have a beautiful bookcase full of classics, indian literature, adolescent lit, Bibles and prayer books, and tons of junk. Last night I couldn't sleep so I browsed my shelf and picked something that I havent look at for years: my senior year high school yearbook. Whoa. the memories were flowing like crazy. as a book, it wasnt the best yearbook i've seen but there were so many notes and remarks from friends i thought i couldn't live without and pictures of events we though were "so cool" and so important at that moment. I read through every farewell note from my friends and its funny to see where we have ended up. Most of my comments mentioned "med school" and "indian dancing" and "have a great summer." It should have been more like have a great life cuz a lot of them i havent seen since then. Funny how people say high school molds you into who you are, but it is only the beginning of what you really become. No, I didn't go to med school like I had dreamed.... but I work at a doctor's office? (give me some credit-i almost stuck to the goal!) I am so surprised how many people were inspired by my rants on indian culture and my dancing. Now that i think about it, i was such a nerd for doing lil mini dance shows in every class, but reading those comments made me realize how cool people thought it was. And no i dont dance as much anymore...but a lot of my characteristics started from those years, a lot of my morals and ethics were set at that age. sometimes i feel so stuck in high school though. maybe its because i still live here, right next to the school, right by our regular hang outs. maybe because unlike most students i really had fun in high school. highschool didn't just extend to the walls of our school for me, it was really a culture that extended into our neighborhoods, our mcdonalds, our libraries, every morning, every evening, weekdays and weekends-it was a lifestyle. i just have to learn how to live differently.

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