Friday, February 4, 2011


TGIF is such a useless phrase to me...when almost all my days are friday like. But a real friday has so much potential doesn't it? It holds onto everything that will become The Weekend. I do look forward to fridays because it means I get to spend two whole days with my husband..instead of by myself. We get to sleep in, watch tv/movies, window shop and just chill. On Friday, time seems unlimited.

Tonight we are gonna stay in, watch an Indian movie and eat my favorite food--shawarma!! Its one of my favorite activities.

Yesterday I tried to make Parippu curry. Basic dal curry. Someone who loves to cook so much should find this to be really easy, but me? It is the hardest thing for me! I blame it on my pressure cooker. It is GIGANTIC. I can't ever figure out the dal to water ratio or how many whistle or even like using it cuz its a pain to wash later. But I loveee parippu curry. It makes rice so much better. Especially the kind my mom makes. It's so smooth and velvety. You just want to eat tons of rice when there is parippu around.

I reallly really hope to figure out how to make this properly cuz its a relatively inexpensive dish. Just a few cents for the dal and some water! But it really makes a huge difference when eating rice. Especially if you are vegetarian (kinda what I'm doing these days). I find it really hard to eat rice without a meat/fish item. Lately, though living with my in laws I've learned that if you have enough good vegetable items it can be very tasty. This is easy when my MIL is cooking for me, but for me to make a bunch of creative things myself...that's a challenge. My wonderful husband likes butter chicken...which is easy to make...just pour a bottle of curry paste over some chicken. BUT the curry paste has cream in it. And that doesn't go well with my body. So on butter chicken days I'm stuck eating vegetarian. I hope I really get that parippu curry right!

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