Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bright Sunshiny Day

Today was a beautiful sunshine day. The back of our house faces south, so I was able to bathed in the sunshine all day. The funny thing is, a sunshiny day is only good if you are inside. In Canada I've found that the sunshine is a trick...it's actually colder on bright days than on snowy ones. And not just a few degrees colder but substantially colder. But today I didn't mind because I spent the whole day inside. Doesn't a peek of sunshine once in a while make the whole winter better?

I often complain that I hate being at home. I wish I woke up with some purpose...a place to go. But there is one thing that I love about staying at home. Yes I get to enjoy the day...wake up late...watch tv...do whatever I want. But my most favorite thing? Making meals. I make elaborate breakfasts and lunches. I think about them for hours and savor it for even longer. First of all, I'm a huge sandwich lover...I love bread, cheese, and deli meat. Add some eggs or jam or veggies or sauces and it becomes so much more than just a sandwich.

This morning I had a wrap/taco sort of thing. I have some whole wheat chapathi (indian tortillas) and made some scramble eggs topped with cheddar and ham. I enjoyed the wrap dipped in salsa.

I loved the salsa so much I decided I needed something similar for lunch. Rachael Ray is having a waffle week and strangely there are many posts online about using your waffle machine. I have a sandwich maker but have never used the waffle pattern. I decided to make a sandwich in the waffle maker. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOT TOASTED SANDWICHES. I used a 12 grain bread, some homemade garlic butter (just garlic roasted in melted butter), turkey, and cheddar, It was so good! I could have made it more toasty but the cheese was getting everywhere. Since I loved the salsa so much I dipped the sandwich into salsa. I could have used some veggies...I think I may try some arugula.

These warm meals make my day. It turns my mood right around and reminds me to be thankful for the small things in my life :)

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Karen Snider said...

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