Monday, February 21, 2011

Love and Things

I've been wanting to post since valentine's day. This year was our first valentine's in Canada. last year we were in Denver and it was so hectic with family around and meeting everyone. We don't celebrate things much, so I wasn't sure if I would get flowers or anything. I did mention that I would like a single rose. I think the gesture of flowers is sweet. I know men think its wasteful cuz the flowers die...but especially in the middle of winter, having something alive and blooming brings a huge smile on my face. So the weekend before valentine's day I felt really awful physically. I also go through ups and down with this arthritis. Some days I just can't move anymore and have to climb into bed as fast as I can. Sometimes it's before we've had dinner, before the dishes are done. But my husband is soo good. He'll let me go to bed. Bring me water so I can take my meds.

While he got into bed...I thanked him for being a good husband. He didn't say your welcome... he said... "that's what husbands and wives do, they take care of each other. " Him saying that was such a huge gift in itself. It meant that those are the biggest gifts we have to give each other. When one of us is hurting physically, mentally, or in our hearts, our job is to care for each other. I just loved the way he said it. So practical. He was promising that he will always take care of me...which means a lot more to me cuz I know i'm gonna have a lot of sick days.

I was reading another blog and she was writing what her marriage is. I wanted to do a description of mine:

Marriage is bringing home shawarma take out on friday nights and watching old 80s malayalam movies. It is playing monopoly deal until someone is commander in chief of the whole universe. It is waiting in line for the car wash and talking about the most important things cuz you can't walk away while stuck in the line. Marriage is getting a phone call around 6 when he leaves from work to tell me he's coming home. Its the hug we give before leaving for our days. Marriage is making eggs over easy 7 days a week, and eating them even when i mess them up. It is letting him keep the tv on all through the night but waking up to turn it off when the infomercials start. Marriage is watching amazing race on sundays and knowing his secret that he likes watching desperate housewives. Marriage is learning about sports and him learning about books. It is the random hugs we share whenever we pass each other. It is us doing our own things and when i look at him, him waving and saying hi. Marriage is knowing that our jobs are to take care of each other.

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