Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Project

Ok. Let's set things straight. I really need to post more. It seems so easy to blog when I'm really angry and frustrated. But I don't want all my entries to be whiny and self loathing. Since life isn't really going how I want I should use this time for other things. I want to write more, I really do. But some things, that you know will lift your day, just slip from your regular schedule. Think about it: praying...exercise...writing.

So I want to start a new project. I wanted to tie food into my life stories. I'm really not good at food blogging using my own recipes. I think its a hassle to take pictures in the middle of making dinner. And I'm not usually as creative as one would think I am when it comes to food at our house. Actually, when I really think about it... I'm kinda sick of the food I'm making and I wish I could eat some of my mommy's food.

So the project I want to try is to write about the dishes my mom makes. I really don't have recipes... but there are a million sites online that you can look for. What I have are memories. Not only of how the food tastes, but when we made the food, and what it reminds me of. Some people go into trances when they listen to music. They remember their childhood, school prom etc. For me, these memories come to me through food.

I'm trying to decide the first food I should do. I think I'll go with what I crave the most. hmm...That is probably my mom's Chicken Curry. It's just a normal kerala style chicken curry but its my comfort food. First of all my mom makes tons of food when she makes something. So when we have chicken curry there is tons of it. My dad cuts chicken up for her and stores it in the freezer so that she can use it whenever she needs to. My mom usually makes it during the day.When my sister and I come home we just have to eat it right then instead of waiting for dinner. We always grab bread and eat it out of a bowl. I think what I like about chicken curry is that it automatically makes a meal a million times better. Just a little bit is enough savory tasting to complete an Indian meal.

Now that I read this idea again I think its kinda corny. Maybe I will pick something that brings a more specific memory next time.

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