Monday, February 7, 2011

Such a small job

I'm not doing much in Canada. I think we all know that. Finding a job has been the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole life. Luckily, two days of the week I get to volunteer at the Canadian Red Cross. It's such an easy little volunteering job. I just answer some phone calls, register patients for our services, and work on other administrative projects. But it is so rewarding. Today I had an elderly woman call me asking if there were some services that Red Cross provided for elderly help. Red Cross unfortunately does not have anything like that, but I had a phone number for another organization that does provide these services. All I did was give her the phone number and she was so happy. She has been divorced for 23 years, has no children, and her friends are not in good physical condition to help her. Now that she is becoming more limited physically, she was lonely and just needed someone. I didn't do anything other than simply Googled the agency, but she was so relieved. It's something so simple that makes this job worth it.

I saw so many weird things today. I got a phone call from a girl who from her voice sounded like she was in trouble. It really shook me up because the thing she was asking for was something I thought was mandatory for all parents to provide for a child. I didn't really know the answer to her question and it made me realize how lucky I am that my parents knew where to go for this particular service. It really scared me that the kid was asking for help and not the adults.

I also saw a hawk. In CO this was more common, usually during the summertime. In Canada I don't usually see that many birds, other than geese. Especially when it is so cold outside. But I saw a hawk up close...and I know there are some superstitions about it being bad luck. I dunno.

I also saw a man standing on a bridge as I was driving on the highway. It just worried me. It's so cold outside...why is he walking? and that too on a bridge...and just standing staring at the cars driving by. Gave me a weird feeling.

I dunno...strange day overall.

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