Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today i feel like the whole day is open to do anything. i don't really have plans...although i've never really had plans in my housewifedom...but today especially...im kind of at a loss of what to do. i think its because last week was the hills finale...so i feel like i'm free from self-indulges that i like to do by myself during the day. i dunno why this feeling.

this weekend we did a lot of furniture and homegoods buying. i lovee doing this, not only because i love household things, but making these decisions make me feel like this is my house too. even though i've been here for half a year (!) i still don't have much to myself. all i have is a 5 drawer chest where i put my clothes, my computer, a few shoes, a jacket, and yoga mat. moving here has really made me live minimally. only recently have i even started buy groceries or goodies just for myself.

other than that...we don't have much going on...i'm going home this weekend and its all i can think of.

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