Tuesday, July 13, 2010


oh wow i'm really bad at blogging. the thing about blogging is that i read a lot of really good blogs. i have about 30 or so in my google reader and they all do such a good job at writing a post everyday. i hate it if they leave a huge gap between posts but i don't know why i don't apply that rule to my own blog.

my last post was soooo long ago and so much as happened. i've taken a trip to india...my MIL has come back home...my sister in law got married. so much. but i felt like i did write a post in between...the thing is.. i have so many ideas in my head for a post but i never sit down to write it. i really will try.

one of the ideas i had was to talk about grocery stores in india. can i say ew? first of all...during my last trip to india i stayed with my husband's family the whole time. It's a little different staying with them because they live in "the city" and in a flat and by themselves. Which means we gotta fend for ourselves ie cook, clean, etc ourselves! Usually when i got with my parents, we stay at our own house which is next to my uncle's house which is where we usually hang out and eat. My aunt usually cooks enormous amounts of food for us, and we never have to worry about coming home to an empty kitchen. This time though, after whole day expeditions throughout Cochin, we'll come home around 9ish and be famished and left with no groceries. But at the same time, since we were in the city, we dined at some amazing restaurants and didn't have to spend hours sitting in the car traveling from our house to other places.

Anyhow, since it was just my in laws and C and me, their parents let ourselves do a few things on our own. (my parents have never let me do this, maybe cuz im a girl, maybe cuz i don't really speak malayalam, probably cuz i don't know the way around). After spending about a week there C and I had the hang of things so we decided to go get groceries because I loveeee grocery stores. But OMG i feel so bad for people in India. They get crap! I was buying some fresh veggies and couldn't even stand to look at it. The tomatoes were tinyy and misshaped, the carrots were small, the cilantro was all squished. everything was just gross. I asked for some eggs but they ran out of it. We wanted to buy milk, but they are sold in tiny bags that were leaking everywhere. I was very surprised to see a superstore that was so disorganized. I felt really bad because I know where the big, luscious tomatoes were, the pretty yellow bananas, the ripe ripe mangoes--they are all on a ship to dubai, england, america...

It was quite the experience and now I feel even more bad for indian housewives who make amazing dishes with so low quality products. They already hardly have gas stoves, fridges and microwaves.

Everything else in india was much better than usual this time. I really enjoyed this trip. It was the right duration (about 10 days) because India can get kinda boring and disgusting if you are there any longer. For the first 10 days its still so new and exotic.

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