Friday, July 16, 2010


hi. ok ok i missed a day but we were really busy. :) sorry. I don't really have a specific topic for today. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with life. I have this feeling that my immigration is going to take a long first I was feeling really optimistic...but I saw an estimated processing time chart on the canadian immigration webpage and it says it could take much much longer. sigh.

I'm trying to be optimistic about life...because if i bum around its not fair to C. he works so hard during the day that he shouldn't have to come home to sadness. He should be happy when he comes home. And really I'm just being a baby. Its not as though I'm suffering only problem is that I'm dying of too much free time. I mean how many married 24 yr old's can say that??

I also believe that I have a purpose for being here...maybe my purpose will be unveiled to me soon, maybe in 50 years. Why else would God have made me meet C on the internet out of the billions of people out there? Why would He have set me up with someone in Canada...there are so many people in the US. There just has to be a reason.

So I'm making my starts again here in september. So i was thinking of taking a few classes. Think about this--I can take any class I want...I don't really need goodd grades cuz if I fail I don't have to tell anyone about it. I can just forget that whole class...or drop it or whatever i want. But at the same time, I may be able to learn some stuff, use it on my resume, and actually start using my brain again. I'm looking at taking some classes at the college (thats community college to us americans--our college is called university here) just for fun. Also, I just applied for a volunteer position. Pray that I get it!! Then I can get out of the house...maybe meet some new friends...get up and get dressed everyday. It will be fun!

Please Please Please just keep me in your prayers.

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