Thursday, September 9, 2010

Got Milk?

Allergy articles are everywhere these days. I've always been amazed by how many kids are becoming more and more allergic to things recently compared to when I was a child or even another decade before that. Though I haven't researched it much, I've heard that the rise in allergies is because our society (at least in first world countries) have become too sanitized. Our bodies have become used to cleanliness so much that it recognizes some objects as being foreign. Unfortunately, our bodies are recognizing everyday things like peanuts, corn, wheat etc as being foreign.

At first I couldn't believe how many kids had peanut allergies! I even heard at one school if you bring a peanut butter sandwich, you are shunned to the peanut table to eat your lunch! I didn't realize how much of an impact allergies had in schools.

But of course the believe who believe it the least develop it the fastest right :) I've developed a bunch of allergies recently! The year I turned 21 I decided to grill some fantastic shrimp. Shrimp is something I absolutely loved...but that day, I felt a little funny in my throat. I didn't think much of it and thought I must have made a mistake in my recipe because I didn't find it very appetizing at all. I tried it again later in Indian food and still found myself not really liking it as usual and my throat and lips were kind of swollen. I realized then that I am probably allergic to shrimp. I've recently experimented with crab, lobster, oysters and found the same reaction to those too. But giving up shellfish was easy. I didn't eat it much before anyways.

But recently I found out i was allergic to something else--something that i absolutely love and had everyday--MILK. I loveeee milk. I love drinking a big glass every morning. It keeps me so full and I really think I lost most of my weight from that. As I've mentioned before, I have some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, but lately the symptoms have been so severe I could hardly get out of bed and move around. I was getting really tired of life, it just didn't feel right that a 24 yr old would have such severe symptoms of arthritis. I was even questioning how long I would live if the symptoms kept progressing like that! My dear husband was doing researched and suggested that I don't drink milk for a couple of days. I did that and the results were amazing! I felt so energetic. I didn't have any swelling or pain. I was so amazed! I haven't had milk for about 2 weeks and I feel so strong. I do miss milk a lot but I grateful we found out what was bothering my body. It's interesting how our bodies react to certain things.

I don't know if we should work on cures for allergies. If you eat pure, non processed food, it seems to be easy to avoid what you are allergic to. Milk is hidden in a lot of things, and I still need to experiment with other types of dairy. Until then I'm just grateful to be pain free!x

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