Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Indian Cliche Wife

hello blogosphere...i actually made it to a second consecutive day for a new post. I dunno why but blogging is much easier when you are upset, isnt it? But then I don't want my blog to be one big pity party...because its a reflection of my life...and my life really is quite easy breezy fun right now.

Moving to Canada has really taught me a lot. Since I've been back from india i've been in a very sad-y mood. I guess until the trip to india, my excuse for not working is because i had to be in india for 2 if i started a job i wont be able to take time off etc etc. Then i guess in my head it was like, once i come back life will start. hasnt...its really the same as before if not more frustrating. My immigration is taking soooo long. So even though i'm usually quite content and happy to be here with my husband...i've had days were my insides have burst and i've gone into crazy crying spells. I feel like my life is so indian cliche...girl meets boy. girl and boy are well educated from good families. they get married. girl moves to boys country (usually some foreign country). girl applies for immigration. girl sits at home because she can't work. girl depends on husband for everything.

You know when you are in school or working...all you want is a break. But in reality with a break like this...and a brain that is used to being challenged, you literally go crazy! I really do feel for all those H1 wives now. Some of them are so young it must be so hard to adjust. Then they decide to have a child just because there is nothing else to do...and suddenly this young girl because some old aunty-like person.

I know i made the right decision because even though i had everything else at home...i came home every night and cried because i didn't have C. I'm just so anxious to start my life...use my degree toward something. start making money....having a routine and some new friends.

i guess i'll just have to wait.

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