Monday, February 22, 2010


So much has happened and i've had so many ideas for blog posts but i never sit and write it out. my brain is full though. cooking topics seem to be easier to write about.

i made chicken again today and beef curry over the weekend. i'm having serious issues with consistency. i can't ever seem to get the same curry as the time before. i guess that comes with practice. my MIL is leaving next week so i will have to cook more....hopefully it will help with my recipes but will my two subjects be willing to eat it?!

my challenge will be one very picky eater and one vegetarian so this should be interesting...

i also made tuna cutlets for a special occasion. my first time ever and they taste fabulous. first u gotta mince up from onion and garlic and ginger (three musketeers for indian cooking) and some green chilis. u fry it up in a little oil. add the next threes: coriander, chili, and turmeric. add a can of tuna and mix everything up real well. kinda squish it. add some garam masala. chop up some curry leaves and throw it in. next, separate an egg and put the yolk in the fish mixture but keep the whites for the glue for breadcrumbs. mix up the yolk and the mixture until it kinda sticks together, you should still be on medium heat. next...beat up the white and get some breadcrumbs ready. my MIL gave me homemade breadcrumbs which was amazing because my parents have always bought breadcrumbs (italian flavor), but i didn't really see a difference between the two in the end result. shape the cutlets with a spoon because they should be flat ovals. heat up oil enough to deep fry. then dip the cutlet in the egg whites, then breadcrumbs and fry. i garnished it with red onion rings that were soaked in vinegar. one can of tuna makes 10 cutlets--and in a fishless house that is a lotttt of cutlets for one person.


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