Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Festivals

Happy February! I always get secretly excited during February because there is so much in our family during this month. Even though I don't celebrate my birthday...it's always fun to turn a year older and have one day all about me. We also have 2 anniversaries and in the middle of it, Valentine's Day. This is my first Vday with my husband, and bf I guess... we've never been together... and strangely we will be in Colorado that day this year. So in the middle of all of the festivities...this year we have a reception as well. ANOTHER ONE. I dunno if i'm over the newlywed thing yet...or excited to be the middle of attention. What i amm excited about is going home, and seeing my friends and my family... and to celebrate my wedding with my real family--the people i grew up with all my life. I'm also excited to show off my husband after so many years of telling people of a random person in Canada.

My Canadian life is pretty regular. I'm feeling a little frustrated, just not being able to do anything. I feel stuck. I keep thinking of everything I've given up to come here...a car, my house, beautiful weather, knowing the roads, new money, the stores. I could have instantly started looking for a job, or work at my old workplace until I found a better one. Life would have been so easy. And this is only moving from the US to Canada. My parents moved from India to the US with two tiny kids! They not only had the problems that I was having, but no money, no language, no driving skills. I dunno how they did it...Marriage really makes you appreciate your parents a lot more.

But at the same time, seeing C everyday makes all of this worth it. I've waited 7 years to be with him and while I was living that luxury life I just wanted to leave it and be with him. Some nights, in the middle of the night he'll just hold me in his sleep and that is the best feeling ever. That's what I was longing for for so many years and its so wonderful. Something so simple like that makes all of this worth it. Baby C i love you so much and just know this is right.

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