Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I wish I had something fun to update with but my life is prettyyy normal right now. Nothing too exciting. The weekend went well; we met up with many new and old friends, mostly new to me. It's nice to finally know people in this new city.

I'm getting more comfortable with my new family, but of course i'm anxious to go home. It's going to be different I know, but I hope every second goes slowlyyy. :)

as far as recipes go, i hardly cook here and am still being spoiled by my MIL. She is leaving soon though, so I will have to start learning new recipes. We had leftover tart shells, so I made a apple crisper thing with apples in caramel sauce and topped with roasted cashews. Weird combo, and really it was created because thats all we had, but it tasted amazing. The cashews add to the butteriness of the crusts. I had also baked the crust a few weeks back and froze them in the backed form which made it taste even more pastry like for some reason.

I'm excited to eat my mom's food when I go home. Man...my mom cooks really well. :)

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