Thursday, March 4, 2010

another beginning?

Today was my first actual day of wifedom. my MIL was staying with us until last night and her leaving seems like the push i needed to becoming a real adult. I've never lived without parents more like without a meal plan--i did have a great time my freshman year of college but always had a meal plan and never had to worry about what we are going to eat. But, recently, knowing that my MIL was leaving...i started getting worried. living with two very busy, working people requires me to take the lead and cook for everyone. It also helps that its my all time favorite thing to do after eating...:P

my very wonderful MIL actually made a few things for us yesterday in between packing etc before leaving, so we were all set for dinner last night. but today is a new day...and i have so much time on my hands. so i scoped the fridge and took inventory. we have some really good veggies..and since my palatte has changed more toward veggies...i was craving really yummy ones today. and it helps if i can do something in front of the tv :P so i decided to make okra curry and beans mezhukkupuratti (stir fryish).

well the first step is... call your mom and get the recipe. i think this may become a daily task. but i want to learn how my mom does it... everything she makes is so good. and its not just cliche.. my mom can realllyy cook.

here are the notes i took (welcome to 2010...i took notes on my laptop...can't find paper):
wash okra, cut in small discs
half onion
green chilli two-halved

saute w salt, oil

1 tablspn chilli pepper
2 tblspn coriander
.5 teaspn turmeric


garam masala lil bit

cook on medium heat

coconut milk
cook on medium heat


in small fry pan, mustard seed and diced onions
wash, cut beans in one inch
half onion
green chili two halfed

steam w lil water, salt, .5 tspn turmeric, on medium until water evaporates

pour oil, close if beans are not cooked


no other instructions from me...just writing it down so i don't good luck with that try it on your own... :) really its not too hard...the first one is like a regular milky curry. the second u just gotta saute it until its fresh but fried...very much to ur own liking. good luck!

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