Monday, January 4, 2010

To be or not to be productive!

AH! blogposts are swimming in my head. The end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 has been so new and so crazy, full of ideas for new blogs. But I feel like I'm in a rut where there is too much to write and too little organization. Today though I am going to be productive.

I like how my productive consists of blogging, laundry, yoga, and watching tv. Out of all the things that has happened so far, I am so glad I am done with school. Which means productivity does not equal homework, essays, reading, studying. EW.


Let me rewind and unwind my last few weeks.

I GOT MARRIED! To C!! My bestest friend for the last 5 years, whom I've had so many butterflies for and so many fights with and in the end will always love. =)

We had a beautiful wedding, in India like I've always dreamt of. Full of family and food, and beautiful clothes and church and love.

We spent a couple beautiful days in Dubai which was absolutely amazing. What a wonderful place it is. Too bad I didn't keep up with my 365 days of pictures because I have some beauuttifful pictures I'd like to share.

I have a husband! It is so wonderful having someone to sleep next to. My favorite part of the day is when we get into bed. The hugs are so tight we just become a pile of arms and legs.

Now we are back in Toronto. Snowy, cold Toronto. I miss home, and my family and warmth. But the weather back home is pretty much the same.

My new husband has gone to work and I'm left by myself to be productive.

The first thing I've ever cooked for my husband: Kerala Style Chicken Curry.
His sister said he never remarks on if food is good or not so i shouldn't be concerned with that. But my baby came and told me he liked it. Without me even asking :)

He's so different in person, and so different with his family. This is so exciting learning to love a whole new person.

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