Thursday, January 21, 2010

easy peasy fruit tartlettes

i actually made food today. a dessert nonetheless which is very rare for me. but it was a practice round for another day when it has to be perfect--so u can tell how much baking scares me. this was easy though-more like assembling, less baking.

they were cute little fruit tartlettes. EASY PEASY! First you buy pre made pie crust... which come in all sorts of sizes. big and medium. i chose eensy weensy ones--individual servings. then place these crusts on a baking sheet and bake for about 12-15 mins at 375 degrees. take them out and let them cool. while they are baking you can make custard with bird's custard powder. be careful of how much you make, the tartlette cups are tiny...and a few tablespoons of custard powder can go a long way. the proportions are 1:1 custard powder to sugar, and then add milk (one cup for every tbsp of custard). whisk and let cool. once everything is cooled...fill the crust with custard and top with beautiful fruit assortment.

i just kept it in the fridge until we were ready to gobble it down. it was quite good.

we have been wii obsessed in my new house and spend hours playing it everyday. its really quite sad how fast the evenings go by and how slowwww my days are. i'm always so anxious to see my husband but the evening goes so fast i feel like i only see him for 15 mins.

we looked at dogs again today...we've done that a lot. 3 times so far out of the few times we meant physically. I don't think we'll ever buy one...but the process makes me feel good. it feels good to plan a future...a future for our family... just me and him. we are both so close with our families that it has been hard to distinguish our new family life from me being added onto his old family. so puppies remind me that we are a family as well.

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