Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day Two of MBFIW

Day Two of MBFIW-- Today was THE shopping day that every India girl dreams of where she picks everything in reds and golds that attracts the most attention to herself. I already had a similar day in America picking out my wedding dress, but I've always imagined myself wearing a saree with tons of gold. Unfortunately the fashion for Catholic weddings in Kerala is a wedding gown and the price of gold is out the roof. But in Indian weddings we get to change! So I got a red saree with a lot of gold work for the reception. I bought a diamond necklace and gold jewelry but I can't believe how much this costs! I could buy a decent car with this much money. Buying these three things took the whole day, and traveling 85 kms takes 3 hours here so we just got home a few hours ago.

There were still some disappointments, I didn't receive the bridesmaids' sarees yet, my mom didn't really like her choice for her own saree. And with these gold prices I didn't get all new stuff, I'm wearing some of my old pieces as well.

On the other hand my dad and sis are coming soon and C is coming tomorrow. I don't know when I get to see him but my stomach has butterflies and I'm so excited to start my life with him. Plus I think he's so hot.

A little info for the foodie in me: I had biryani today from a muslim restaurant--pretty good but I think American places have better biryani. Also had sardines which sounds awful in english but it is one of the best foods in Kerala. I'm still waiting for my puffs which hopefully I'll get tomorrow.

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