Thursday, January 7, 2010


hello world. my new life is sooo slow. i don't know if i'm frustrated by it... or just bored of it. its funny how the things you crave the most can irritate you later. ie. time and relaxation is driving me nuts now. I think some of it has to do with the MIL being here. I feel awkwardness like we should both we hanging out with each other, but we both like to do our own things.

regardless i've been watching tons of tv that i didn't get to watch before since i didnt have cable. i've also been eating more fruits. I thought i'd lose weight here, but with a MIL that loves spoiling her children and with strong indian background, we are always eating. i gotta stop.

i'm impressed by her style of cooking. its very fast and simple. she doesn't slave over the stove like my mom. my mom needs everything to be perfect, each piece cut exactly the same, and everything should taste absolutely perfect. she also cooks in larger quantities which takes longer to cook. here we only cook for a day so small quantities are made, but we have new dishes every day. they are also a prominently vegetarian family, so each meal is full of delicious, numerous vegetable dishes. The meat on the other hand is whipped together in a couple of minutes.

its interesting to see how different each family is. I married into a christian, malayalee family just like mine, but they are still so different. they think im very quiet but i am. i just don't have much to say anymore, i dont do much, and don't have any new adventures.

i've been counting down the days but im not sure til what. im going home next month and i am looking forward to that. and then.. counting down to a new life? maybe till i can get my old life back? impossible. and indefinate.

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