Saturday, August 2, 2008

American Boy

  1. bacon alarm clock
  2. music videos
  3. my boy

Isn't the best smell in the world breakfast? regardless of what type of food you are used to, breakfast foods give everyone such a huge craving. at my office if anyone ever toasts bread in the toaster, the whole staff is in the lunchroom scrummaging for food. its amazing how our body reacts to our comfort food, for example, this convenient breakfast smell alarm clock.
I love how it is shaped like a pig, CUTE. the clock starts cooking the bacon 10 mins before ur wake up time and when it slowly cooks you are slowly aroused. perfect! reminds me of Saturday mornings when my parents woke up and made huge breakfasts.

I heard a newer song the other day by Estelle and Kanye called American Boy. I loved it. it is so catchy and the black and whiteness of the video is so classic.

This girl reminds me of the Indian MIA.... listen to her song "Paper Planes" here. They both have similar sound qualities...but estelle is the more classy version. I feel both of their songs have a few notes that are off... but that makes it really pretty and unique!

Speaking of American Boys... i always thought my future would consist of a typical malu ABCD. yea the ones that go all week in gangsta clothes thinking they are hardcore and then come to church on sundays as altar boys and sunday school teachers. that is definitely not what i got. the one i got is sort of a figment of my imagination, a made up character put together from hours of talking. but this week he is going to become real again. although i've known him for so long, im still not sure what kind of person he really is, how he behaves with his environment. my relationship is based on a lot of "when we are together" "later on in life" and futuristic goals...but this next weekend it will be real again. just like everyone elses'.

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