Monday, August 4, 2008


This is the week my future depends on and suddenly i started thinking about karma. will God decide this weekend to punish me for every little bad thing i have done...i mean no i havent murdered anyone or stolen anything but...i've never been punished for all the times i've had lil white lies or been rude or for the time i forgot to respect my elders... is God gonna combine all this and on Aug 8th decide to get to my judgement day and punish me for everything by making everything go wrong?? i dont know but im scared. i've tried to be nice to everyone this week, although i know 22 yrs can't be made up by just one week... but im trying everything i can. i feel like i'm on some attitude diet. most people try to lose a couple pounds here and there when something huge is going on. or groom and wax and buy new clothes. me? i go on an attitude diet. i hope everyone sees a different person after ust a few days on my new diet.

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