Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hump Day

GOD. my office has the more drama than a high school drama club...working there just makes u exhausted naturally because it is so much more than just working. i am so emotionally drained after work everyday . everyone has their own story... own issues... and their own DRAMA. I mean i totally wish the best for everyone, and i dont want anyone to get hurt... but i am so tired of hearing your stories. plus i have my own stories to tell you about.. so stop talking and listen to me. ( :) just kidding... )

although my days are exhaustive, i feel so much better in the morning because of these things:

speaking of awful days, i've experience my most humiliating story recently:

my dad and i were coming home after a very long tax class for small businesses when we stopped at a red light. the intersection was facing an old house and on top of it there were two black birds. these two birds were like fighting with each other... all biting and stuff...and i was like "whoa... look at those two birds fighting.. its like those cock fights or something" (see any normal person would think that this would be the funny part of the story... hello i just said cock to my dad) anyhow! this was not the funniest part...
my dad was like "are you retarded??".... what? why is he calling me retarded... "those are two birds mating! you're 22 yrs old and you didnt learn any of this yet?" (mind you my dad was in panic mode, worried that i didnt know about birds and the bees yet) and.... he continues to talk..."isnt you major biology or something? didn't you learn anything for that 40k i've spent getting you a bachelor's degree?"
so there it is.. i dont know what to be more embarrassed about.... the fact that i am getting the birds and the bees talk at the age of 22 or the fact that i am such an urbanite that cock fighting/mating intrigued me so much.

any comments on most embarrassing moments?

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