Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adi Thalam

My first post, on my hopefully frequently-written-in new blog. Welcome, world wide web.
I've been wanting this for quite some time...but I'm still not completely sure of it. I'm too scared to commit to this... will people read this? what will they think? is my life interesting enough? how long will i do this for? ten years down the road will i be a mother of 3 dictating every time i change a diaper...every happy meal i buy? nonetheless i miss having a diary like a middle schooler (ps. isnt middle school the worst time of your lives?).
I haven't decided where i'm going with this yet. i hope to recap my life while building a diary of a foodie, hence, the title: the after taste. I want this to be a recollection of my thoughts... (but TheAfterThought was already taken) and I want you to ponder it too. ie the after taste of my day/food/recipe/latest photograph/thought!!

i want to begin my blog with a tribute to my car... well old car... it has been through so much and this week just topped it. I'm beginning with this because one of my first memories ever begins with buying this car. i cant remember much else about life before this... but i remember buying this care vividly. like even what we ate for lunch that day (meatball subs)
this car is freakin old: 14 yrs and still going strong... sort of.

Things The Car Has Been Through

"The Car" is what we call it cuz its the only sedan we have! (we are NOT GREEN and own two SUVS and a minivan)

  1. The best road trip ever: Denver-Toronto, CA-NJ-NY-back to Denver-my parents actually took 2 weeks off to just go roadtripping, it was so much fun and we thought we were ballin in our new car
  2. 2-3 car accidents: this car was originally my mom's car and she is prone to accidents. 'nuff said.
  3. 2 accidents with the garage: when i started driving i could never figure out how to get it into the garage... its a red car with two black side mirrors because i've broken both of the real ones
  4. being both my sister's and my first car...sigh... its been everywhere from high school events, dance practices, all the way to boulder and back.
  5. being stolen: i will never forget the time my car was stolen in boulder, with everything in it. and nothing else was returned to me, but this wonderful car. sigh.
  6. broken speakers: the speakers have not worked for 3 yrs.... and the fights my parents have with my sister about this is precious.
  7. and finally what happened to us this week: being EGGed. by high schoolers. lame. this is what i asked my sister this morning: do you want some bacon with those eggs? she said i was dumb
I know this sounds lame, what girl would blog about a car... but this car explains my life, it has every dent, spill, & crumb from the time i was 8 to 22. i think we might sell it soon.

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