Thursday, July 24, 2008

Child's Play

Round Two:

I saw the sweetest kids on the light rail today... like 50 of them. they were going home after a day at elitches and they were soo soo beautiful. they were from THE BRIDGE PROJECT. I've been thinking about kids a lot lately. This year I know so many people who are having babies... and their stories frighten me! I feel so stressed out thinking about having children or taking care of a child... but they are soo cute. I don't know if I can do it. I am struggling so much supporting myself... I can't imagine supporting someone for 18 years... or... 22 yrs as my parents have. How do they do it? It amazes me.

Survival of the fittest teaches us to adapt the best qualities from our previous generation and create better characteristics to reach the top of the pyramid. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING BACKWARDS? My parents just amaze me; they've moved to a new country without college educations and only 8 dollars in their pockets, but 20 years later they've made it. BIG! They have nice cars, a beautiful house, businesses, go on vacations. I have a college education and I can't even afford to buy clothes.

How did my parents take us to amusement parks? movie theaters? buy us new shoes for school, new outfits for each party. why did i spend all their money like thattt??

This is why i stress about having kids. Will I follow Darwin's theory and provide bigger and better clothes and cars and ipods and cell phones for my children? Can I even provide them a home, food, water? My parents have definately exceeded what was expected of them. They built homes for their family, gave money to the poor, sent savings home since they were 16. --I am 22, and still ask my dad for $20 to go shopping.

Most people dream to be more successful than their parents. I just hope to be half as successful as them.
This is all their fault... they did their job too well... if they had just messed up a little the standard for my generation wouldn't be so high!

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