Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy Bee

I finally have become busy in Canada. I started classes a few weeks ago...just part time taking some classes that i didn't take in my previous programs. its at a community college...which is interesting. i always think of myself as very immature--well not immature....just not mature like other people my age. But, when i come to this school....i realize how much of an old lady i am. :P not that its a bad thing, i like being out of that uncertainty phase that the other students are going through. I know everyone has their own issues but its funny how during class i'm stressed out about grocery lists, what to make for dinner, laundry, etc.

I also started volunteering and though i've only gone to two days, i loveeee being in an office again. there is something about walking into an office and pouring yourself a cup of coffee. i can't wait until i get a real office job. i also love being around other people too.

all this good karma has helped and i've actually gotten my immigration!! it was so exciting and such a relief to finally have things work for me. i finally get to add myself to insurance policies, bank accts, etc. i feel like i have an identity here.

i've also realized how hard it is to be a working wife! i was out all day...and came home to a pile of hoemwork. i realized then that i need to organize my life better if i intend to cook, clean etc like before. i want to be the perfect wife but be an independent, confident woman as well.

i'm havin fun though. life is much better than it was before. though i miss all my daytime tv shows and sitting around in my pjs all day!

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