Monday, March 15, 2010


hello there! a quick recipe before bed. I've found blogging after dinner and before bed is a good time for me, as my husband (still feels weird saying it) browses his computer and i need to occupy myself.

I made this recipe last week for my husband's (!) coworkers. they all came over to do some wii stuff and play some major rock band since we are a gaming household suddenly. this is an EASSYY recipe for paneer poppers, sorta like mozzarella sticks.

u need one block on paneer. cut it into 6 squares and then cut those squares into 3 long rectangle pieces. really it doesnt matter what kind of pieces this just made them look like mozzarella sticks more. ok then...start an assembly line....roll the pieces in flour...egg whites then PANKO breadcrumbs. panko breadcrumbs make everything supperrr crispy. then i placed it on a cookie sheet (for the lack of a baking wire rack...i would love to get one of those) and baked for about 15 mins until goldeny under 425 deg.

it was so good! and we used sirarcha and ketchup as a dipper. yummmiees.

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