Saturday, April 10, 2010


I've been waiting a few weeks to make this! I love it when my mom has time to make real indian snacks on the weekend and wanted to do the same for my family. But, I've married into a household that does not like to fry food! How do you make indian snacks without frying? So obviously I had to wait till my MIL left. This weekend we went to the flea market and the lakefront! It's so weird that I live next to such a huge mass of water. We want to find some beachy areas so we can go chill in the summer. It was really cold by the lake today though--need to wait a couple more weeks before hanging out. We haven't gone grocery shopping all week either so we didn't have an regular easy snacks. Perfect for busting out the indian food. So i decided to make onion, cilantro, cauliflower pakoras.

This is super easy. I took about 2 cups of cauliflower, half a med onion, and a handful of cilantro and washed and cut everything up as well as a couple green chillies. For the batter I used 1 cup besan/gram flour, 1/4 cup all purpose flower, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, salt to taste and some chilli powder. Then i added warm water until it was smooth batterlike. i mixed all the vegetables together in the batter and fried it in the oil until it turned golden brown. We enjoyed these with maggi chilli masala sauce. DELISH!

I felt so indiany housewife ish :) But now I'm resting after a long day. We had homemade tacos for dinner because Toronto has no Mexican restaurants! So weird after growing up in Colorado!

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