Sunday, April 25, 2010


Like I always say...I have so many ideas for blog posts in my head...but its so hard to sit down and write i down perfectly. I call this one Eggtastic because of a little game I've been playing with myself. I make my cute husband eggs every morning. Now don't start on the unhealthiness of eating eggs every morning...I'm not sure if its true but this is one of the only things he'll eat in the morning. His favorite type of egg is eggs over easy... you know the one where the yolk is runny. Now let me tell you...I think I'm pretty good at making food...but eggs are one of my biggest enemies. Man I loveee eating them, but I am such a bad FLIPPER! During the last 2 months I've been trying to perfect my eggs over easy...with much failure. So the game I play with myself is...deciding what kind of day it's gonna be according to how my eggs turn out. A good egg over easy=an eggcellent day, scrambled eggs cuz i messed up=a really lameee day. :) i don't know if it really comes true...since I forget the game after he leaves, but today the rule just didn't work.

I made one of the worst eggs in history today...and it has turned out to be a fantastic day. We've heard some good news....that I can't disclose yet...and in general the day has been great.

This week has been ok in general...I actually got food poisoning one day but the rest has been ok. The way C takes care of me when I'm sick is amazing. Everyday I feel so blessed to have him. One good this these last few weeks is that I've been losing weight!

Getting out of my comfort zone has helped my weight a lot. We eat home cooked food for all three meals most of the time, especially me since I don't have a car or anywhere to go. I've also lost a lot of cravings for fast food. I see food more as a way to nutrition my body instead of something to savor. I know you may think that sound sad...but this new mindset has really helped me in weight loss. It may also be why I don't blog much because there are no new interesting recipes. I just eat indian food...all the time...the same things every week. I really had to get out of my fast food rut...and schedule my time better where food can be cooked instead of picked up on the way home. It sounds so cliche...but that's what I needed. Unfortunately, I had to move to another country and strip myself of a job, car, and money to do so. But i love that feeling when I'm standing on the scale!

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