Sunday, August 30, 2009

take 5

its been a hard couple of weeks. the starting of the semester (and the ending) is always so difficult. it takes a toll on your body and exhausts your mind. and if you have anything on top of that, you are completely brain dead.

this has been the last two weeks for me. although schoolwise this semester looks great, i have so much going on. i only have two classes i actually have to attend which is fantastic compared to the 5 days a week i was doing during spring semester. unfortunately, i havent been so environmentally friendly as before and have been driving everyday. but driving saves me a lot of time. and time seems so precious right now.

i have one day that i need to go work on my internship. i dunno how that is going to sprawl out. how will i remember everything from my past classes? im just shadowing this week so i hope i get a better idea.

i have one online class which is a little overwhelming. we are working as a group but the work is just hard.

then i have personal life which drives me nuts. everyone wants to know which color im choosing. which veil i want and which shoes look best. everyone wants to know if i want 6 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. or eight and 4.

what i've realized through all of this is...the ceremony and the flowers, the clothes, and the jewelry just doesnt matter when 'it's' not there. when you have disconnected from me and i, you, none of this matter. i just want it to pass so that you and i can be we already. so that we dont have this barrier and we dont spend all our time driving each other crazy wondering if it will work. it has worked so far, 5 years as much, and i trust you so much. please allow yourself to trust too.

overall these last two weeks have been quite eventful but at the same time so not eventful. i have been gracious to hear two great secrets, buy one pair of lovely wedding shoes, pick up a beautiful dress, read a good book, and mingle and meet with new friends.

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