Wednesday, February 4, 2009


what i've learned from this project is that i can't capture beauty as well as i intended. i'm just not skilled at it. and its kind of scary. it means that every time i gasp from true beauty (of the mountains, the sky, a flower, a friend, artwork, or life's pleasures) i gotta remember it. i can't always depend on my olympus digital camera. i have to use my brain. when i have a crappy day i need to remember the beautiful mountain range the day before or how the rain lingered on the grass. i'm not giving up-im going to continue, but honestly these pictures do not do justice for what i really see during my days. i apologize.

im giving my sister the camera for a couple days, so most pictures will be from the internet till next week.

ps. this project is hard, its hard for me to keep up with it, so there will be more massive updates like today, where a whole week or so will be updated withing 15 mins.

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