Thursday, November 20, 2008


It never fails; I do it everyday. Why do I always fall for it, why do I always get trapped in the conspiracy of Starbucks?! And you know, its not like i have some awesome order like Carmel-frappachino-half milk-half water-1/4 carmel-1/4 butterscotch-1/2 sweet n low-3 inches of whipped cream or anything.

what do i get? grande black coffee, with room for cream please. plain, simple, strong, and $1.95. Why do i feel like i need to BUY black coffee? from a franchise? when i can easily make it for hmm 50 cents? buy it from the gas station for $1? steal it from work right before i leave for class? and not only that, why do i tell them to give me less coffee than i pay for-why am i paying the full amount, and asking for only 3/4 of the deal? see why i call it a conspiracy?

oh but starbucks coffee is soooo good. and yes its strong... but it wakes me up with just a couple of sips... and OH its on every corner, so conveniently located right out side of the campus, inside of the campus, and in the cafeteria right next to my classroom. CONSPIRACY THEORY anyone?

I wanted to get my money's worth today, so I used 4 packets of sweet n low and several dashes...welll who am i kidding... almost half the bottle of "vanilla" flavor. How the heck did they get vanilla essence in powder form? Deep down inside... i was really wondering if its actually crack.

That may explain my elevated hyperness in class 3 mins after my first sip.

Somehow i get the feeling that i will revisit this post... when i start buy starbucks ground coffee instead of my usual folgers. :-/ oh why do i let it happen?

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